Friday, July 24, 2009


Listwashed at wants you to think they're one of those post dot-com enlightened legitimate email marketing services

I got "campaign message" (spam) from their system to a trap address that's been dead for years. Reported it to their "contact us" form, not the Ethical CAN-SPAM Compliant Opt-Out link in the spam. Received a slick "sorry to see you go" message from the Client (customer of spammer-for-hire) within minutes.

That's called list washing. There was no ambiguity here. The spammer scraped or bought a list. There's no other way they would have gotten it. They took it to Mailchimp, who spammed it for them. It's what spammer-friendly service providers do. It's one of the reasons there's still spam. Spamming is what that other guy does.

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