Friday, July 24, 2009


Listwashed at wants you to think they're one of those post dot-com enlightened legitimate email marketing services

I got "campaign message" (spam) from their system to a trap address that's been dead for years. Reported it to their "contact us" form, not the Ethical CAN-SPAM Compliant Opt-Out link in the spam. Received a slick "sorry to see you go" message from the Client (customer of spammer-for-hire) within minutes.

That's called list washing. There was no ambiguity here. The spammer scraped or bought a list. There's no other way they would have gotten it. They took it to Mailchimp, who spammed it for them. It's what spammer-friendly service providers do. It's one of the reasons there's still spam. Spamming is what that other guy does.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


new Microsoft spam support service, Office Live

Spam came through a botnet host on, advertising It's hosted on Microsoft's Office Live "cloud" service. I reported it to and the report was automatically rejected, needs a Hotmail domain. I to get it past the broken robot.

I got a personally worded response from MSFT's abuse staff. They refuse to do anything about the spamvertised web site on their server. I should "unsubscribe" from its "newsletter."

Now it's official. Microsoft lets you advertise your Office Live web site in spam. Kind of like Yahoo did when they first started their small business hosting service 15 years ago.

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