Thursday, February 03, 2011 thinks a phishing report is a "virus"

I've been receiving phish spam from a Lunarpages VPS ("") this year.  When I send a sample, included inline in a plain text email, their inbound email machine (, waits until the end of the DATA phase of the SMTP conversation.  Then it says:

     554 rejected due to virus

which means it's refusing the message.  I opened a ticket in their abuse system.  The technician insisted that since the message says "virus" there must actually be a computer virus in the message.  I pointed out that the message was in plain text and contained nothing like any kind of malware, and he simply repeated the response.  The spamming continued.  I called tech support and they insisted that since I am not a customer they are not allowed to talk to me about it.  But he suggested I try sending from another provider.  I have not been able to identify any human being at Lunarpages who is allowed to talk to an email admin outside his own company.  Somehow, I suspect if calls, they'll talk to him.  But maybe their lawyers have to arrange an appointment first.

I tried sending the spam report from my account at  Same result.

This dysfunction, folks, is why the email medium is dying.

Incidentally, the RFC 2142 addresses and are listed as not working, with evidence, at  No surprise there, since they don't work.  The clearinghouse suggests you try hostmaster there.

I'm guessing they are using Clam Antivirus which does include some signatures catching phishing. They are being stupid. I'm doubtful as to whether they act meaningfully on abuse reports anyway- just look at all their SBL listings.
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